The Singing Bible is a big-budget, well produced, collection of 51 original bible songs and fast-paced dialogue (on 4 CDs) that will take your family on an exciting journey through the Old and New Testaments. The Singing Bible not only covers the classic Bible stories but it weaves them all together so your kids learn God’s BIG story and his plan of salvation.

It’s never been so easy and so fun to teach your children the Bible!

Just by listening and singing along, they’ll also learn and memorize Bible highlights like the 66 books of the Bible, the Ten Commandments, Psalm 23, the Twelve Disciples, the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer, The Fruit of the Spirit, The Love Chapter and much more!

The Singing Bible is full of fun, catchy music, wonderful sound effects, memorable lyrics, tongue twisters, lots of humor, and a cast of warm characters that kids will love. It’s a fun, entertaining, and extremely effective way to introduce your children to the Bible.

It is available for digital download and on CD so that it can be played anywhere your kids are.



The Bible contains three basic messages. It tells us about God’s plan for mankind, His BIG STORY, from Genesis to Revelation. It explains God’s salvation plan and it tells us how we as Christians are to live our lives.

Most Bible Storybooks are just that, a collection of Bible stories. They don’t convey to children the three basic messages that the Bible teaches us.

That’s where The Singing Bible comes in. It does! It explains what the Bible is and how it was put together. It goes through God’s BIG STORY from creation to heaven, it presents and explains God’s salvation plan and teaches what God says about how we are to live our lives.



The Singing Bible was uniquely designed to help your children learn about the Bible and their Faith in three powerful and proven ways.

1. Much research has been done on the effects of music on learning. All agree that using music to teach children (of all ages) greatly enhances a child’s ability to learn and retain content and ideas. Children who listen to The Singing Bible songs not only memorize well-known Bible passages with ease, they also learn and retain the larger concepts that their Faith is built on.

2. Children also learn in layers. For example, they first learn about the outward parts of the body, next we teach them that bodies are made up of muscle, bones, organs etc. Only after they know that do we go into more detail. The Singing Bible gives children an overview of the Bible and familiarizes them with the basic tenants of their Faith. Once they have this basic structure, everything they learn is easily added to and collated with it.

3. Finally, children watch, look up to, and learn from other children. The Singing Bible’s cast includes a group of Christian kids from the ages of 3 to 13. During the play the kids are learning about the Bible and learning to live their Faith and setting an example for your children.



The vision for The Singing Bible started with a simple idea: create and produce the easiest, most effective tool for parents and churches to use for teaching children the Bible. After much prayer, brainstorming and planning, the idea blossomed into a full-blown Musical of the Bible. A Bible Musical that would not only teach children what the Bible is, but also take them on a journey through it, from Creation to the Second Coming of Jesus, and introduce them to God’s salvation plan and help them memorize scripture. The final script was narrowed down to 51 songs and about an hour of drama with a playing time of three hours and twenty minutes on four CDs. The Singing Bible would become (and now is) not only the first Bible Storybook put to drama and song, but also the biggest for-audio, musical production for children ever made. Lightwave Publishing, knowing the impact that this resource would have on kids, didn’t invest the small budgets usually associated with children’s music, but instead invested hundreds of thousands of dollars. The project was so big that some detractors dismissed it as impossible. Then production started. Over the course of the next three years, a large team of specially selected, talented writers, songwriters, producers, arrangers, engineers, musicians, vocal and drama coaches, actors, directors, Bible teachers, artists and editors worked many long hours to create, perfect and finalize the project. It was possible and the resulting resource is amazing. The Singing Bible is being called “The best collection of children’s Bible songs.” However, it’s more than children’s Bible songs, Bible memory songs and great Christian music for kids; it’s been called, “The best Bible teacher for children ever.”


To give you an idea of the attention to detail that was included, the ‘Books of The Bible’ song was written not only to teach children the 66 books of the Bible, but also how the Bible was put together like a library. The song was written so that a notable break or rest after each major section of the Bible indicates a new section. So once a child knows the song, they can be taught the Bible’s sections using the same song.


To give an idea of the attention to detail in the production, special musicians who could play unique instruments were found and hired to make some of the folk-style songs sound authentic. Also, a detail that often gets overlooked or rushed in this kind of production is professional sound effects. The sound effects editor for The Singing Bible has been amassing unique effects for decades. He poured over this project with passion adding wonderful sound effect details for days.


Rick Osborne, the author & creator of The Singing Bible (who also cowrote Focus on The Family’s ‘Parent’s Guide To The Spiritual Development of Children’) made sure that all of the basics of the Christian Faith were included in the Singing Bible and taught in an age-appropriate way.


These are only a few of very many examples of love, vision, passion and attention to detail that went into the creation and production of The Singing Bible.


The result? Parents, kids, teachers, home-schoolers and Christian leaders rave about it. The Singing Bible has already taught the Bible to hundreds of thousands of kids, but the story is not over, it’s just getting started. With the reach of the internet and digital downloads, The Singing Bible is now available to be found and used by millions. Used in families, Children’s Church music, Sunday School songs as part of Children’s Sunday School Curriculum, Church Musicals and much more. We hope that you and your family enjoy your copy of The Singing Bible and if you’re willing, become part of The Singing Bible team by spreading the word and sharing this website on your Social Media sites and telling your friends. Thank you!


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